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GIF animations made from my own illustrations.

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A Diver's Regret

This was a collaboration project set by our tutors at university, we were asked to create a moving image piece that. would illustrate news using type and words.
We decided to make a stop-motion animation about a piece of fake news because it was incited a particularly strong reaction. 
The story was of a man who went diving with his friends, he had found a giant clam and proceeded to insert his penis into the mollusc, he was then admitted to hospital as he had a severe allergic reaction to shellfish.

We decided on making marionettes scuba divers as they were more efficient to film with. I created the characters using letters and. meticulously sowed the articulations of the paper doll.

Background Environments

by Jessica Sanders

Sound & Editing by Laiqa Mohid

Shot by Pauline Baude, Philipa, Jessica & Oceane
Character Design Concept/Construction & Storyboard

by Oceane Tam (me)

Character Sheet
Puppet Prototype
Puppet Prototype - Arm
Final Puppet Build
Diver Typeface
Aniation Backdrop
Animation Backdrop
Character Concept Art
Type/Letter fish illustration
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